Captive’s Corners

Helpful thoughts on troubling questions, edited by incarcerated Set Free Ministries workers at Potosi Correctional Center in Missouri.

Once Is Enough

My word to you is RELAX and REST IN CHRIST. There is absolutely no need to receive Christ over and over again to assure that you have salvation. Once is enough. The moment you turned from your wicked ways and put your trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, God began to do a … [Read more...]

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

A marriage involves a total commitment of two individuals to one another knowing full well that they will be unable in their fallen state to totally satisfy one another. The covenant bond is, thus, critical, because it demands faithfulness in the face of unfulfilled needs. It … [Read more...]

Justification by Faith

One of the great problems facing man is how to be found righteous in the sight of God. All men have a sense of fear when thinking about having to meet God face to face. Many seek to escape this fear by simply believing lies that God does not see and that God will not make them … [Read more...]

Judas (is an enigma)

There is no doubt that Judas is an enigma (a person of puzzling or contradictory character). It is not our place to sit in judgment of him since all judgment belongs to God. Yet, we can think upon his life and response to our Lord in order to receive some instructive … [Read more...]

Jesus’ Anointing, Baptism, Temptation, Burial, & Resurrection

Concerning the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ by John. To understand what was taking place, you need to understand that the name Christ means "the anointed one." In the Old Testament, the name Christ is Messiah. This Christ was promised by the prophets of old. A perfect … [Read more...]

Jesus Is the Christ of God

My prayer for you is that the God of your fathers may become your God (and Father) too. He is such a comfort and refuge to those who put their trust in Him. Today, you do not know Him because you have not come to Him on His terms. There is a certain sense of pride in not knowing … [Read more...]

Jesus Alone Can Save

As you probably know, a great old testament saint - David - was found at one time in his life to be an adulterer and a murderer. By God's law as well as by man's, he was worthy of death. Having been brought under conviction of sin by the hand of Nathan the prophet, David wrote a … [Read more...]

Jesus (is god the son manifest)

The great stumbling block in the way of deliverance for many seems to be the fact that Jesus is God the Son manifest in the flesh. Obviously, this is a great dividing truth between those who know the true God and those who do not. This fact is also a great mystery, another of the … [Read more...]

ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY: Do they worship the same GOD?

The following is a portion of a letter to an Islamic follower: I have read the literature which you have given to me with great interest. As you know I have studied Islam while in college, so I am not totally unfamiliar with its teachings. However, your two brochures have helped … [Read more...]

In Who’s Name Are We To Be Baptized?

A question sometimes arises as to Who’s name or what title or formula is to be used when baptizing. The following remarks are written in order to clarify this question. To begin we must understand that it is the Spirit and not the letter of the law that gives life – 2 Corinthians … [Read more...]