Jesus’ Anointing, Baptism, Temptation, Burial, & Resurrection

Concerning the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ by John. To understand what was taking place, you need to understand that the name Christ means "the anointed one." In the Old Testament, the name Christ is Messiah. This Christ was promised by the prophets of old. A perfect … [Read more...]

Why the Bible Is Omitted

Does God speak to us? If so, how? These are very important questions to be asking yourself, because how you answer them will determine how you will live in your daily life. They will also determine if you can know where you are going to live in the life to come. Yes, God does … [Read more...]

Why Believers Get Sick and Die

The subject of illness and death for believers can often become a subject of contention and division among believers in Christ. The purpose of this paper is not to add to this debate but rather to record some observations from Scripture and life that should help to guide our … [Read more...]

Which Religion Is Correct?

As a young person I asked "Which religion is correct?" I even spent several years of my life searching for the answer to this question. I majored in Comparative Religion in college and then went on to apply to a number of graduate schools in order to learn even more. Having … [Read more...]

What Must I Do to Be saved?

While the apostle Paul was in prison he was asked this very question because a prison guard had observed his life. In a difficult circumstance he was content to praise God and pray instead of complain and worry because he was occupied with Christ instead of his circumstances – 1 … [Read more...]

What about Those Who Turn Back ?

This originally was a response written to a student who asked, “What about people who used to be Christians - but they've turned back to the old lifestyle - are they still going to heaven?" while making reference to Luke 9:62. To begin, let me simply say that once a person is … [Read more...]

Tongues (you do not have to speak tongues to be saved)

First of all, you do not have to speak tongues to be saved. Some in the past have spoken tongues when they were saved, but certainly not all - 1 Corinthians 12:28-31. If you read carefully the book of 1 John, you will notice that the purpose for writing that book was to give … [Read more...]

To God Be the Glory

In Genesis 2 and 3 we see that man was first in creation yet woman was first in the fall. This is very significant because once the mystery of the church, unknown even to the angels, was unveiled at the historical account of Pentecost in Acts 2 and in the teaching and instruction … [Read more...]

Today’s Priesthood and Its Sacrifices

God’s desire for Israel, His chosen earthly people, was for them to be a kingdom of priests. However, this depended on their obedience and, thus, they failed the Lord - Exodus 19:6. Later, God would choose Aaron and His sons for the office of priest. After that the only way to … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the Sovereignty of God and the Responsibility of Man

Does God elect those who are to believe and, thus, quicken them to enable them to respond to the gospel? Or does God offer salvation to all and, thus, waits upon man to respond? I believe the latter, for the following reasons: It is the clear, revealed desire of God that all … [Read more...]