Suicide – the Devil’s Strategy

Have you ever thought about taking your own life? In the past few decades there has been an alarming rise in teen suicides. Next to accidents and drug related killings, suicide is the major cause of death among young people. Alarming isn’t it! At a time when life is so new and … [Read more...]

Signs and Wonders

In Hebrews 2:4, it is stated that God used signs and wonders to authenticate the early preaching of the Gospel. This was in days before the complete Word of God was available in written form. Many believe that with the coming of the complete Bible, the need for these miracles … [Read more...]

Sickness & Adversity

In light of the fact that the believer hfas been created by God, purchased by the blood of Christ, and given unsearchable riches in Christ, his chief aim and purpose is to glorify God in all he does, all he has (including time, resources, and talent), and in every lot of his life … [Read more...]

Does a Believer Lose His Salvation if He Sins & What about Those Who Turn Back

The answer to the question, “Does a believer lose his salvation if he sins?” is found in the very foundation of the gospel itself. When Jesus Christ died for your sins, He died for all of your sins, past/present/future. When you put your faith in Christ, all your debt was … [Read more...]

Salvation Is Not by Man’s Work

Works and faith are two mutually exclusive principles. You must take one or the other. You cannot mix them. This raises the interesting question, "Why didn't God decide to offer salvation on the principle of good works?" The following are several considerations which will explain … [Read more...]

Salvation is God’s Work

Salvation is the work of God from start to finish. Hebrews 12:1-2 makes this quite plain, as Jonah 2:9 does also. We experience salvation on the principle of grace through faith. It is His gift to us - Ephesians 2:8-10. Now, the Scripture speaks of our salvation in terms of the … [Read more...]

Resurrection Life

(How it relates to sickness and adversity in God’s resolution of the angelic conflict) In light of the fact that the believer has been created by God, purchased by the blood of Christ, and given unsearchable riches in Christ, his chief aim and purpose is to glorify God in all … [Read more...]

Restoring the Ten Commandments to Its God-given Place & Purpose

The mystery of the Church is revealed in the New Testament. So it is here that we find the rule of life, or expected behavior, for the Christian. Interestingly, the term “Ten Commandments” is not in the New Testament. It occurs only three times in the Old Testament (Exodus 34:28; … [Read more...]

Repentance Toward God and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

The apostle Paul said that despite persecution he did not shrink back from teaching both Jew and Gentile what was profitable, that is, repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – Acts 20:19-21. Well Paul has long been with the Lord, but since God’s Word is forever … [Read more...]

Practicing Fellowship in the Oneness of the Body of Christ

The great test of your faith will be in your stewardship of all the understanding and insights which God is giving to you. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. The great temptation will be that of pride, thinking more highly of yourself than you ought to think or thinking that … [Read more...]