Signs and Wonders

In Hebrews 2:4, it is stated that God used signs and wonders to authenticate the early preaching of the Gospel. This was in days before the complete Word of God was available in written form. Many believe that with the coming of the complete Bible, the need for these miracles ceased. The Bible does not settle the matter decisively. While we believe that these miracle gifts are not with us today, generally speaking, yet we can not say that the sovereign Spirit is not at liberty to use them still, especially on those mission fields where the Scriptures are not extensively available. In any event, those who do profess to have these miraculous gifts must be careful to use them in accordance with the instructions of the Word. For example, tongues is regulated in 1 Corinthians 14.

Furthermore, we believe that the primary ministry of the Holy Spirit is to focus the attention of our being on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. He delights to make Him known to us.

The center of a true Christian gathering is the Person of Jesus Christ, not the Person of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit indwells the body of Christ so that the life of the Lord Jesus Christ can be made known to the world.

Believers live in this world to represent the One Who loves them and gave His life for them. His Spirit has been sent into the lives of the believers in order to enable them to do so. It is now through Jesus that all believers have access by one Spirit to the Father. He who honors the Son honors the Father.

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Signs and Wonders

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