Temptation and the Origin of Evil

It is correct to say that God made all things and knows all things. However, God did not create evil. To understand temptation, you must understand that there are wills that are in revolt in this creation which God has made.

Temptation involves the issue of who we choose to listen to as well as how we choose to use that which God has made.

When God created all things, He declared His creation “good.” By this He meant that it was functioning as He meant for it to function, thus bringing glory to Him.

However, when sin entered into the world, things no longer were in their proper relationship to Him. Lucifer no longer lived for the purpose for which he was created. Man no longer lived for the purpose for which he was created.

Evil had been introduced into the world by Lucifer and, then, Adam.

Although God was not the responsible agent, He knew beforehand what would happen. In His sovereign will, He gave His angelic creatures and men a will to choose knowing full well that they would choose to rebel against Him. In order for God to be God and allow His creation the awesome responsibility to reflect His image, the ability to will had to be given to His creatures. You will notice in James 1 that God never tempts anyone to evil, i.e. to live outside of the purpose or function for which he was created. Rather, the problem lies within man who, although he was created in the image of God, is still a dependent creature, i.e. not God. The moment he allows himself to think or act independent of God, he is in trouble.

Now, Christ cannot sin because He is God manifest in the flesh. He cannot think or act independent of Himself! Thus, when tempted, although He experiences the temptation to act or think independent of God, He cannot do so from within because He is God. He is the only man who has come into the world to expressly do the will of God – Hebrews 10:5-10. Do I totally understand all of this. Of course I do not. But I can see the truth of one Who has become flesh so that He could redeem us to Himself, lifting us as men to the exalted position of being at the right hand of the Father (which is obviously what our Lord intended when He first created us, knowing full well that we would fall!) What a plan! The Scripture says that Christ was crucified from the foundation of the world, i.e. creation – Revelation 13:8. Further, those who are believers in Christ are said to be chosen in Him before the foundation of the world – Ephesians 1:4. Let us simply wonder and worship – Romans 11:33-36.

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Temptation and the Origin of Evil

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