This a good one we would make when we would celebrate a birthday or special event and needed to make something BIG. It’s pretty inexpensive too because we could load it up with chips. There would always be people standing around watching us making this monstrosity. Even the guards were intrigued.

Recipe Type: Appetiser
Author: Louis Dooley
  • 1-Bag of pinto beans
  • 1-Large beef salami
  • 1-Bottle of minced onions (or the real thing)
  • 2-Ramen noodle CHILI season packs
  • 1-Jar of jalapenos
  • 1-Bottle of BBQ sauce
  • 1-Bottle of garlic
  • 1-Hot pickle (or mild)
  • 1-Jar of microwavable cheese spread
  • 1-Large bag of plain or nacho cheese chips
  • 1-Bottle of ranch dressing
  • 1-Bottle of hot or mild picante sauce
  1. Soak (1) bag of pinto beans in water over night.
  2. Rinse beans thoroughly and place into crock pot. Cook until done. (time varies depending on crock pot)
  3. After beans are done rinse them 3-5 times until water is clear.
  4. Smash beans completely with a spoon or masher.
  5. Chop up beef sausage and place in bowl filled with neatly folded paper towels. Place in microwave for 1-1.5 min to cook off some of the grease.
  6. Add meat to beans.
  7. Add (2) cap fulls of minced onions and (2) chili flavored season packs.
  8. Dice jalapeno peppers and add to mixture.
  9. Add garlic to taste.
  10. Add 4-6 table spoons of bbq sauce.
  11. Start mixing all ingredients while adding water sparingly. Mixture should end up pourable. (not runny/watery)
  12. Let cook for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally.
  13. Chop up pickle.
  14. Fill a bowl with a quarter of a bag of nacho chips.
  15. Melt cheese.
  16. Spoon out/pour one quarter of mixture onto chips.
  17. Drizzle cheese on top. (as much as you like)
  18. Drizzle on ranch dressing.
  19. Squirt on picante sauce.
  20. Sprinkle on chopped up pickles.

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