Introductory Courses

We will help you get started on the Emmaus road to Bible knowledge for FREE. When you enroll as a new student, we will send your choice of the following courses.

Children’s courses are also available.

Basic Adult Curriculum

We recommend starting with these courses. They will give you a solid foundation of Bible knowledge to build upon. Completion of these 12 courses will entitle you to receive a large certificate.

Survey Of The Bible

These courses are recommended to help you get more familiar with the Word of God.

Practical Christian Living

These courses will help you stay focused and live for Christ day by day.

Church Truth Curriculum

These courses will give you insight into the purpose and function of the church.

Prophetic Curriculum

These courses will help you understand the various ways past, present, and future that God has used to make Himself known to men (the dispensations), and make sense of Bible prophesy.