Quick and Easy Shell Pizza

Here is a favorite of mine that is super quick to make. Usually I would make it when were on Lock-Down status. I would not be able to use a microwave so I would set it on the crock pot with a bowl over it to steam the meat and cheese. Takes a while that way but is Oh So … [Read more...]


This a good one we would make when we would celebrate a birthday or special event and needed to make something BIG. It's pretty inexpensive too because we could load it up with chips. There would always be people standing around watching us making this monstrosity. Even the … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Cheesecake

My favorite dessert of all!! We could only make this one on the day we went to the store. We would look forward all week for this one. We also had to be sneaky because we needed to "borrow" a 5 gallon bucket and get a TON of ice. Man is this good. Ice Cream … [Read more...]